Monday, June 30, 2008

Daddy Journal Day One

Dear Daddy,

We had a GREAT day! We got to play at the gym while Mommy exercised (30 minutes on the bike baby) and spotted some rabbit poop when we were playing at the outside part.

We played pirates a lot today with minor injuries to Abel.

I made my own peg leg! Argh!!!

Abel was a fancy pirate today.

I've been begging Mommy to let me listen to "Hey hey I don't like your girlfriend" song but Mommy said there's a naughty word in it. Then Mommy got this super idea to let me buy my first song on iTunes with my chore money. So I bought the no naughty word one. Abel and I put our money together and we bought our favorite song from Cars "Real Gone." We have been rocking out all day.

We went swimming at a new splash pool today. I cant wait for you to come on the cool slide with me. Abel loved filling up his bucket in the shooting fountains.

And we had our last Family Home Evening on temples. I drew a picture of a temple with two people getting sealed. I used a ruler to make the triangle on top really good. Abe "drew" a temple too.

I'm pooped. We miss you lots!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Edition

We had such a fun weekend!  Mostly because Patrick was back home.  We took the kids to see WALL-E.  Abel included.  He loved seeing his first movie and kept saying "That was cool" after each preview.  He was a little bummed when the movie started and it wasn't Toy Story but the robot action caught his attentions pretty quick.  He's been saying "I loved my first movie" all day today!  

Afton loved the movie too, especially the short at the beginning. I won't give it away but part of the cartoon has the word "PRESTO" on it and Afton read it then said "Oh that's says presto!  That means really super duper fast."  Thank you Little Einsteins!

And now Patrick is off for 2 weeks making commercials.  Abel is going to sink into a deep daddy depression.  Luckily, we have a trip to Utah to see The Ashworth Fam is 8 days (!!!) to distract us!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Farmer Afton

Afton loves to help out in the yard, probably because it's just her size! She pulls the weeds for fun, checks on our garden and flowers every day and today took over on my dead grass digging. About 10 minutes into the work she said "Mom we're farmers huh?"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my little garden

I love checking out my little garden every day to watch lettuce, green beans, a single strawberry and some other unknown green things grow (Patrick said he would remember which seeds were where...ha ha!) The kids take turns watering every day and they too get a kick out of seeing things grow and grow.

I'm so happy to see my favorite flower plant, fuschias, growing so well! Colorado is so dry, it's a genuine miracle anything stays remotely green during the summer.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

quick family update

Patrick: getting ready to travel the country for 5 weeks making rock star commercials!

Liz: Graduated from PT and walking with minimal limping, proudly un-addicted from diet caffeine for a whole week and a half now.

Afton: lost another tooth this week, went to first dentist appt with minimal forcing by Mom, no cavities!

Abel: sporting a adorably healthy dose of drama and whining (i never get a turn doing that!), perfecting his transportation sound effects and enjoying hand holding in parking lots lately.

Abel gets a hair cut

Here is Abel in his relaxed-you're-not-taking-my-hat-off pose (with his monkey, a new favorite)

Here is Abel after his ginormously traumatic buzz cut. Mom said it was time for the long hair to go. Dad said let's do it at home. Mom knew it would turn south fast. But we did it anyway.

Good thing Abel has a super duper big sister to cheer him up!


We went on our FIRST letterboxing adventure on Saturday. The kids, especially Afton, were so excited for out "treasure hunt." I found an easy box at the Celestial Seasonings headquarters, just down the highway from us (and we scored some super deals on herbal tea at the tent sale afterwards).

Here is the box, hidden under the rock. We're using a "CTR" stamp as our family stamp

And this photo will go below our first stamp (of a tea pot, of course!) in our log book. Thanks for hamming it up Abel!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I can't believe I missed this...

Yesterday was Boulder's annual naked bike ride.  The theme this year; Less Gas, More A**.  I love living here!

You can read about it here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Skating

Abel can be found ice skating any time Afton's slippers are left unattended.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Love me some free

Patrick's work is always full of great perks. Nike workout clothes, toys for the kiddies, in-home Geek Squad services... Last week, we both got SIGG water bottles for FREE..saving us $40 in cancer free drinking containers.

And on Saturday, we got to go see JERRY SEINFELD for FREE!! And the tickets were up close and so cool. And, I was surprised how funny Jerry really was.

100 hour per week jobs totally pay out!

Look who lost a tooth!

And one more is expected to fall in a couple more days!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Time...

Abel is turning into a story teller. He will walk up to us and say "One time, when I was at the doctor, I saw a big huge beetle." Then walk away and assume play as usual. As soon as I hear that phrase "One time..." I perk up my ears for a great story!

Learning Tricks

I don't love everything that Afton teaches Abel. This new trick gave me lots of giggles today.

Rainy Day

We don't get too many rainy days in Colorado. So when it rains we try to go out and enjoy it!

The kids got their thirst quenched while watching our patio turn into polka dots.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Patrick and Liz Update

photo courtesy of Abel

We are getting back to life as normal...hooray! Patrick is gearing up for another busy stretch at work. We have had 4-5 nice long weekends with him and will miss that attention. If you live in NY and see some bright colored Nike magazines in a free stand, grab one. Patrick is especially pleased with that creative piece of work. Patrick has been an awesome support during my surgery and recovery. He helps me laugh when I'm frustrated, plays with the kids so hard they melt into sleep and has learned the art og grilling veggies to perfection!

I am walking now!!! With a serious gimp but still, if I want to I can walk! It so nice to feel my much atrophied quad and calf muscles hard at work again. I happy to have more freedom of mobility to play with the kids, spend a bit longer on yummy food prep and having the comfort to start working on a couple projects this week (the sit down kind!).

Abel Update

Abel is an awesome 2 year old. He has just enough enthusiasm and curiosity mingled with the appropriate amount of fear. I love that he answers questions in full sentences, has a great high pitched fake laugh, takes solid 2 hour naps, and can entertain himself with anything toy with wheels for an entire day.

Abel knows when it's time to a cuddle and will find me and throw himself at me for a hug. He really believes in the magic of kissing owies better. Abe loves being praised for his accomplishments, In fact, he has been starting the potty process on his own with no need for reward...just a solid high five and a hug.

Afton Update

I am so lucky to have Afton as my daughter. She has been so helpful to me since my surgery. She has been looking for ways to help without being asked and has really grown up in the last month. She likes to clear and rinse the dishes, prides herself on cleaning up without being asked and loves to get snacks and lunch ready herself.

Afton is a very inventive girl. She devised this game with magnets and rocks last week and called it Rock Garden with Gates. Then shed and I played I Spy with it. She spent a good 30 minutes developing this game. She always invents new games to play with Abel and loves when Abel loves her games.

And oh my goodness is she silly. Her knock knock jokes are way out in left field. Her happiness lies in making others laugh. She is so thrilled to finally be strong enough to tickle me and looks for every sneaky chance to do just that.