Friday, April 25, 2008

Water is a child's best friend

Afton and Abel love love love to play with water. Now that our temps seem to be screaming springtime, outdoor play time begins and ends with buckets, shovels and watering cans of water.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some f***ing fantastic news

A few weeks ago a random thought wandered its way into my brain. It went like this:

It sure would be nice to make some me money.
Ya make good cupcakes
And Patrick's workplace would be a very easy selling point.
Yeah. Let's do this.

Fast forward some asking and some sampling (my cupcakes have been nicknamed f***ing fantastic which I think would be a great name)

And today I got my first catering order!!!

Off to whip up 50 cupcakes...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is Afton thinking that 76 degrees is good sprinkler weather. She changed her mind 2 minutes into it.

I love our fenced in yard for Abel!

Afton and Abel are in a great sibling phase. The arguing has lessened and the silly games have begun.

All these two need for fun are pillows and a plastic bucket.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

optimism gone bad

I generally think that optimism is the best way to go. I don't worry about things until there is something to worry about. So I really thought I had just pulled something in my knee. And even when my MRI results showed a torn ACL, I thought, "this will heal eventually." WRONG.

Not pulled. Not torn. Ripped in half. And tearing of other essential knee fabric. And surgery is the only option.

Well, crap.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

birthday party over

I always enjoy planning and getting ready for a birthday party. And I really enjoy the party being over! This year Patrick was home for Afton's event and when friends would ask if they should stay and help I pointed out that most Afton's friends are mildly scared of Patrick so I wasn't worried that 12 kids would be a problem. And we did have crazy, busy fun making our own ice cream with mix-ins, making ice cream cone magnets and playing some games...and it was great when it ended.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

House Tour: Living Room

After talking to my Mom last night about my paint colors, I realized I hadn't posted pics of my living/open space room. SO now you can visualize how cocoa brown, apple green and light aqua aren't weird together...

this is my entry wall (the door is to the right). i picked the mirror up back in my NY days at a tag sale for $10 and finally found a great use for it. the photo board is a Lizzy Original (foam covered in my lovely fabric with fave family photos) And you get a nice look at the tv stand and wall mounted tv (courtesy of geek of the many perks of the ad job)behind me

a better view of the entry (yes i know it's small but we dig small) and how the colors meet. and the pillow fabric that inspired the whole scheme. don't overlook my handy show's really a log bucket!

we have a giant picture window (awaiting wood blinds but the hugeness is making that difficult) that i didn't want to cover with curtains. i framed 4 photos of places we have been.lived that i especially loved (the outer banks, view from the roof of the Met, lighthouse in NC, and a sunset in Kansas) I love having these photos up high where my eye catches them from the kitchen. I remember each of these moments perfectly and adore the reminder every day.

Okay Mom, this is the wall i was telling you bookshelf/computer station. I finally found a functional and very inexpensive way to get my computer out of the bedroom and to house my books (at least the ones I don't mind having in public view). The dining room is the push back section to the right. You can see my awesome sparkly retro stripe in the photo.

I realize I don't have a photo of the living room space in general, just my decor...but as the camera is in San Antonio...I'll have to post that later.

Friday, April 4, 2008

10 reasons why a knee injury isn't so bad...

10. I can wear my sweats every day without feeling frumpy.
9. No money is spent, since I can't go anywhere without a fence for Abel.
8. The kids are really getting into their creative plays zones being at home so much.
7. No one expects me to make dinner so whatever I do put on the table is gold.
6. The freedom of no schedule. I know it will get old eventually but it's great for now.
5. A very good reason to hang out on the couch and read, read, read.
4. And check out the new cable we just got (since our basic channels will be going away soonish)
3. And let the kiddies check out oodles of new cartoons we haven't watched in 9 months guilt free
2. Getting those little porjects that require sitting and being still knocked out.
1. Waking up to a clean kitchen and folded laundry, courtesy of the awesome hubby.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Afton turns 5!!

Afton turned 5 on April 1!!! She had a GREAT day and is still on a birthday high 2 days later.

the setup

the big gift (thanks to Christy and her in-laws shipping it to me!!)

the birthday play date: McDonalds for lunch, playing with the new gifts for hours

the cake: Afton was creating these over the cake cake dreams (a rainbow cake with rainbow frosting and ice cream cones on top) so i asked if i could surprise her with a cake. she loved it but i twisted my knee chasing the kids in the yard before it was assembled so a bit of my vision turned mushy with the pain. i wanted to make her a pinkalicious/purplicious (we adore these books) cake. so a dozen eggs, 4 cups of cake flour and 3 hours later i realized a cake mix or simple cupcakes would have been just as great. it did taste good!