Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Date night picture

Patrick took me on a surprise dinner date for my birthday. We ate at a yummy restaurant in our little town that we have wanted to try for a year, called Sugar Beet. I loved surprises especially ones revolving around tasty food that doesn't get produced in my own kitchen. Chili lime tempura shrimp, ginger ahi tuna with tempura yams, super duper yummy!

And thanks to my Mom, the babysitting was free and didn't need a ride home! Thank you Mom!

Abel's birthday party

Abel had a race car birthday party...his first party since the adult mandated one year old celebration. He was excited to have some buddies over to zoom cars with...and he thought the idea of more present was pretty neat too.

We zoomed cars around Abe's new road rug, colored wooden cars and had a race, decorated cookies and ate cookies. But I think the kids liked watching Cars best of all. I sure liked how still they were for this part of the party!!

3 teeth in 8 days

Afton was excited to take a self portrait of the newest hole in her smile. I think I uploaded over 30 of them! Afton is quickly realizing that losing teeth is more profitable than doing chores. And she's pretty motivated to save for a two wheel scooter like the big kids at school!

I thought we were in the clear for loose teeth for a few months...not so Afton found another loosey on the bottom row yesterday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

little dreams

One of my little dreams came true on my birthday. Afton and Abel secretly made me loads of birthday cards. Each time a new one was produced, the kids would find me in the house and sing Happy Birthday and give me big hugs. Better than any present for sure!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Afton the Toothless Wonder

2 teeth in 2 days.

Abels Turns 3!!

Abel was spoiled rotten by his parents, sister and nana on his birthday. I think he is going through chocolate withdraw now. He loves his new big boy scooter, his road rug and new toys that go.