Saturday, April 28, 2007

quoting afton

I'm up early, while my mind is still fresh, because I just have to write down a few funny things Afton has said to me last night and this morning:

Me: Afton do you want to play a couple games before bedtime?
A: Mommy, you are a genius!!!

M: Afton please put the cards in the box now!
A: Just let me do what I do! (this is a good theme for Afton)

While talking to Grandpa on the phone about her zoo trip...
A: We saw giraffes at the zoo.
G: Were they tall?
A: They were, like, taller than a tree.

And just a few minutes ago in bed...
A: Shoulders are for our arms so they won't fall off.

Friday, April 27, 2007

beach vacation

We had a blast in the Outer Banks with our fun friends Amy. Reese, Melinda and Macey. We got rained on, had excessive wind and water leaks...but still enjoyed every day. We attempted to go to the beach most days, but only endured 20 minutes of sand being whipped in our faces. Luckily, we had an indoor pool, lighthouses, loads of toys and games to play with and super people to spend our days with. The day we did get to spend a good chuck of time at the beach, Abel spent trying to escape my grasp to toddle into the water. He was so taken by it and extremely unhappy that I didn't let him. Afton didn't trust in my parenting ability so she ran to Abel, grabbed him by his hood and dragged him back to the blanket with a firm "No Abel!"

a very windy day

a very rainy day

bodie island lighthouse

playing hullabaloo inside

currituck lighthouse

melinda, amy and me

reese, macey and afton sharing the love

abel trying so hard to get close to the water

afton playing in the sand...the only beach past time she likes

at the pool where afton mastered her fear of the pool!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

flour fun

Afton had a solid hour of fun playing with this pan of flour. I meant for her to draw in it, but she decided covering her arms with white was much more interesting.

Afton loves to hold Abel, but Abel is not as happy about this plan. He he is voicing his opinion.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

just tuesday

Today was just a Tuesday. We had preschool at our house, Afton had a 3 hour playdate which let me accomplish loads of good stuff. Abel tasted powdered sugar for the first time (a big milestone, I know) and sat still for TWO books today.

Afton playing the violin for "V" preschool day today

catching Abel's smile on camera

tasting powdered sugar, and liking it

powdered sugar makes everything GOOD!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

happy easter

afton remembered today was easter almost as soon as she woke up (7:20). she dashed into the living room and spotted almost all the hidden eggs before patrick and i even got out of bed! afton consumed a large lollipop, nearly a pound of jellybeans, hershey kisses, licorice and cupcakes today. abel was only interested in the shaking sound the eggs filled with candy made and anything afton had in her hand. i loved the kids in their new easter duds. patrick liked the easter nap and having some friends over for a "big ass ham."

abel loves his new car

afton's egg load

abel prefers to wear the basket

afton the little lady

almost a smile from both the kids
don't forget to get the shoes in the shot

snowy saturday

it snowed on saturday morning

afton was delighted to play in it

mom joined in on the snow fun too

dad was feeling sick so he decided to blow up the air mattress for play/rest time.
afton and patrick watching some tv together

and we dyed eggs, patrick and i made funny ones...

...and afton made lots of pink ones.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

so many words

I was expecting Abel to be a late talker. That seemed to be the consensus on boys; they just talked later than girls. How wrong I was! Here is a list of Abel's words:

Abel, Apple, Elmo (all said "Ahbo")
Hi or Hi Daddy (said to Daddy and others)
All done
Airplane, Play (the same word)
Afton (Ahhtttt)
Mama, Mommy

Each of these words is said with the appropriate baby accent, except Hi Daddy. That one is so cute because he says it perfectly! Abel does a few baby signs but is getting less interested in that by the day. He is a talker...and walker...and climber.

Monday, April 2, 2007

happy birthday afton

Afton is 4!!! And several pink cupcakes, presents and a party celebrated the event.

the pink entryway

the pink cupcakes

pin the pink cupcake on afton game

present unwrapping pro

abel approving of new flip flops