Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's getting real

So far with this pregnancy, I've been able to politely ignore the reality that another baby will join the family eventually.  I love the swimming baby inside, it's in the very kind movement stage where it all feels cute and fun.  I feel great, comfortable and cute still.  And really March is far, far away.

Then I peeked in at the blog and saw the counter tell me I was going to have a baby in 16 weeks and 2 days (which, of course, means 17-18 weeks).  Wow.  That's soonish.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The New/Old Green Chair

Afton had a birthday party on Saturday, and somehow, Abel and I managed to hit 3 thrift stores during her party time. I was looking for a Woody doll for Able for xmas. No luck there. But I hit the thrift jackpot at out last stop.

This awesome green velvet chair, circa 1950 or so, came home with us for only $18!!! It matches my color scheme, provides another sitting option, and will be the nursing chair in a few months. Right now, Afton has claimed it as her reading chair and Able likes to see how many insane tricks he can get in before I remove him. Favorite feature: it reclines.

Patrick has already devised a new layout for out living room and dining area, which I'm in love with. Now I have space for all my crafting supplies (okay most of them) in the new storage console in the dining room (previously the TV storage stand, previous to that a dresser).

I'm on a bargain high! And I get $5 back at Target because Kung Fu Panda went on sale this week!!! I'm freaking out with savings joy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Park Accomplishments

This week both Afton and Abel made big accomplishments at the park.

Abel learned how to climb up the Rocket Ladder and go down the super swirly slide (pictured below with Afton as the model)!!

And Afton finally made it across the monkey bars all by herself (mean Mom stopped helping her 2 weeks ago)!!

But the camera was at home, staying warm, during these exciting moments.  So retro park photos will have to do.  And there's nothing cuter than babies swings anyway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is that Barack Obama?

I took the kids to vote with me today. When I was in the booth filling out the ballot, Abel kept asking "Is that guy Barack Obama?" anytime a man would walk past. Dead silence except for my little politically active guy plugging our family candidate!!

Howdy Halloween

I'm so glad Halloween is over. 4 parties, almost 300 cupcakes to cater and lots of late nights.

I did have a blast making the kid's costumes and am happy they got to wear them a lot! Abel was Woody from Toy Story complete with a pull string (which I never took a picture of) and Afton was a sparkly version of Jessie from Toy Story.