Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update Post on Daisy

Daisy does not enjoy riding in the bike trailer. She is starting to tolerate it a bit more.

I just took this picture this morning and I love it.

Daisy is eating a little bit of cereal now. She spits most of it up though. So I don't really consider it eating. She likes to play with spoons a lot!

Aunt Christy sent this adorable dress just in time for our Fall weather. You can't see it but there is a cute squirrel in the corner.

Daisy's first tooth broke through today. Which explains a lot! Daisy is almost 7 months and is heading into that net baby phase of sitting up, copying sounds and noticing when people are strangers.

Daisy is so sweet and happy and fun!


liz said...

awWWWWWWW! That IS a great picture. I almost bought that naartjie striped shirt today for sylvia. too funny. i love their clothing.

so fun still being able to *watch* your kids grow up!

Ellen on the go said...

A tooth, oh I am so excited. Now for her to start biting on someone's finger. Where has 7 months gone?

jennice said...

Love all your family photos. We miss you. A tooth at 7 months!!! Daisy is growing SOOO fast. Afton in school--where has this time gone. Thanks for posting your family photos ,keeps us up to date :-)