Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update Post on Afton

I'm still a bit sad sending Afton off to school every day. But she loves it. The recesses, lunch, special classes and FRIENDS. But she didn't complain much when I offered here a hookey day last Friday. She is super into picking her outfit out now.

Afton loves to play with Daisy. She never gets tired of it. She is a second mommy. (Abel must have snapped this photo on a camera heist)

Afton is super into music right now. The first thing she asks me to do in the morning and after school is to listen to her music. She's doing great at the piano...teaching herself a lot of things since her teacher is a bit of a slacker these days. She loves soccer and ballet right now. She is never far from a book.

Afton is such a joy. She is a happy helper (with a tiny bit of whine to keep it real) and a sweet, sweet girl. She still loves to cuddle up with me and have me read to her. She still needs a tuck in at night.

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